No Second chances

By Avery Wildwood

Come see our wild, amazing and um... pretty naughty play called, "No Second Chances!"

Tickets are free with a suggested donation of $12.

How to get tickets on Eventbrite:

Performances are at

Sue Ellen's, upstairs
3014 Throckmorton St.
Dallas, TX 75219

When are performances?

March 18th 7pm

March 19th 7pm

March 20th 3pm

March 25th 7pm

March 26th 7pm
March 27th 3pm

What is this play about?
Bright-eyed, energetic news anchor Ruthie can’t help feeling like there is something missing. The enigmatic cynic Tristine is that something, and she’s desperate to prove it. Whether they find themselves sword fighting on the high sea, carousing in the great hall of a castle, or dodging crossfire at a funeral home, their fates are bound together across many lives. Ruthie has no memory of the countless times they’ve fallen head-over-heels in love--only to lose each other over and over, a fact Tristine can’t seem to forget. Caught in a struggle between the hopeless-romantic (and horny) god of Love and the relentless angel of Death, a cosmic game they never asked to be a part of, the two women fight to hold onto each other as even their own choices threaten to tear them apart.

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